The E-Mu SP12 Drum Machine Sampler

E-Mu Sp-12

The Emu sp-12 was one of the original samplers that combined elements of a drum machine and was inspirational to other popular sampling devices such as the Akai MPC sampling machines. This device was used heavily in the early development of rap music and was important as a way of sampling records and reorganizing them into a new sequence. The device also comes with drum machine sounds within the sampler, and this includes classic noises such as snare, kick, hi-hat, symbols and toms. The device has gotten a lot of love from individuals who enjoy lo-fi sounds, and this is due to the 12-bit sampler that is built into the machine.

The device is also limited as it has a short amount of sampling time. This means that you can only fit a small amount of audio into the device, but this was useful as it offered limitations that provided more creativity to individuals who were using the device. The device is now a collectors item and is regarded as one of the best samplers available.