The Akai 2000xl Drum Sampler

Akai_MPC2000XL-Drum Sampler Machine

The Akai MPC 2000xl drum machine is a lesser-known model in the industry. It’s a shame really, as this might just be the drum machine you’ve been searching for. Its features seem to be centered around convenience more than anything though it certainly performs its duty well as a drum machine. Without further ado, here are three reasons your next drum machine should be the Akai MPC 2000xl.

  1. It’s Powerful

It is said that the phone you carry in your pocket has a computer more powerful than the giant computer that sent the first man to the moon. Following the same trend, the Akai MPC 2000xl is shockingly powerful relative to its overall size. How? For starters, the sound it can produce is just as heart thumping as drum machines twice its size. Secondly, it comes with 2 MB of RAM, a 64-track MIDI and a 32-voice digital sampler. About its compact size, this is quite a bit of power to have at your fingertips.

  1. You Can Mod It

As previously mentioned, the Akai MPC 2000xl comes with 2 MB of RAM. While a nice touch, this figure isn’t mind blowing. What is mind blowing; however, is its ability to hold an additional 30 MB for a whopping 32 MB of RAM. Of course, this will require the owner undergo some physical modifications on their new drum machine. This is relatively unheard of in other products of its type and is no doubt a refreshing feature to come across.

  1. A Wide Variety Of Other, Smaller Features

Something I’m sure you’ve never seen before is a ‘note repeat’ button on a drum machine, such as the one on the Akai MPC 2000xl. While not a game-changer, it’s a convenient feature nonetheless. The drum machine in question also offers the use of external storage such as that of a floppy disk, another convenient feature that also helps keep your creations safe. Lastly, the Akai MPC 2000xl is a computer in and of itself, meaning it doesn’t need to be hooked up to external machinery to operate. Coupled with its compact design, this makes for great portability in all situations.